Types of Coffee Tables to Perfect Your Kitchen

Coffee tables are oftentimes considered an essential part to just kitchen and living room. There are a number of different types of coffee tables, which allows you to choose the height, design, and size which best suits your style and decoration.

We have encountered a number of different coffee tables, and then we come up with the following classification to help you out choose the right coffee table.

Essentials in Choosing Coffee Table

Coffee tables are ever-changing form of furniture pieces. The material typically plays a massive role in the style of the table. The different materials include the following:

  • Wood- A wooden coffee table is the most popular option. This offers classic warm feeling with rich texture which is tough to beat.
  • Metal- Metal coffee table is commonly lighter in weight compared to wood coffee table, which is contrary to most popular belief. This sort of table is also reliable and sturdy.
  • Glass- because of its classy feel, glass design has grown tremendously in popularity. The designs, while more appealing and fascinating aesthetically, do need extra care so as to keep the spotless look.
  • Acrylic- an acrylic table really blends the lightweight feel of metal coffee table with the clean and fascinating style of a glass coffee table. This is usually apt when set in a modern style setting and décor.

Various Styles of coffee tables

What follow are some of the different types of coffee tables and the styles thy offer. First, there is traditional style. Commonly this style is the most common and popular among coffee tables. You will see this sort of table made from wood with oval or rectangular shape.

The next style is the contemporary. This style refers to the more modern approach to the whole build of the table. The features are so varied yet will usually include extra seating, clean style, or storage to work with the more modern setting. Rustic is another style of coffee table.

A rustic style commonly encapsulates old-fashioned feeling with wood pattern which looks worn and used yet also glossed over to offer extra piece of glass.

Fancy beach? Then you are ready for coastal style. You can bring the airy, beach atmosphere into your living with the coastal style. This particular style typically comes in lighter shade of wood color with natural shapes which give it more casual look in comparison to the more rustic style.

Coffee Table Size, Height, and Placement

Coffee tables do come in various sizes, yet when you shop for yours, you need to follow the following general guidelines. Coffee table height is supposed to be chosen for the same height as your chair or sofa, or just loveseat cushion. Dealing with the length, you need to be sure that your coffee table size be about two thirds of the loveseat or cough it will sit in front of spacing. You can leave around 1­1 ½ ft. of space just between the table and sofa.

The last point, the size, requires you to consider the space available and how many people you wish to gather around the table.

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