Types of Coffee Brewing Methods : Different Ways for Different Tastes

Types of Coffee Brewing Methods – With high-end coffee shops increasing, our options on coffee have expanded a lot. The questions is no longer what sort of coffee that you want, but also how you want the coffee is made. Between the French press, the pour over, Chemex, and sophon pot, getting one cup of coffee has been quite complicated.

We once gathered one group of classic coffee drinkers. Not really snobs or coffee experts, but those who liked to have good cup or two every day. We brewed lots of coffee, then blind tasted them.

We were wired, and we rated seven coffee brewers. We brewed each cup with Dunkin’ Donuts beans and recommended two tablespoons to six ounces of water ratio.

People, we drank seven cups of coffee to find the perfect cup for the good of coffee lovers everywhere. This is what we have learnt. First, you do not want to drink that much coffee. Second, there are lots of ways to make a up, and none of them are made equal. Third, the price is not everything.

Types of Coffee Brewing Methods

All right! Let us start with the Percolator. This is indeed an old-school style brewer which will get you strong cup of coffee, yet it will not be the best use of your coffee beans. The main problem with percolators is that you may end up boiling the coffee accidentally, which is a sure way to obtain bitter coffee. Second, there is softbrew. It just did not win the people over.

We unfortunately got weak pot every time. While we do appreciate the sleek design and the fact that tinkering can produce us better cup, it did not stand up next to other brewers. Our tasters thought that they got strong aroma, but weak flavour.

The next on our list is Vacuum Pot. If there is one thing which is great about vacuum pot it is the theatrics of it. There is something which is fairylike about watching it brew coffee.

And it does make nice smooth cup though we found that most kinds coffee drinkers want to have a little more “oomph” when gulping their caffeine. The fourth method is the Aeropress, which uses pressure to brew coffee, and it appears to be smart way to do so.

Here is what our tasters thought: “Truly brewed with zest, attention, and care. Nice, yet a little too acidic. Mellow and yet strong”. You may also like the French Press. This is a popular choice with coffee drinkers everywhere, and with good reason.

Here is what the tasters thought: “Truly drinable! Full flavour”. It almost tasted like Starbucks” Well, when trying coffee brewed by Technivorm, our tasters found really great cup of coffee. This masterpiece will set you back home.

They thought: “I like this” Full flavour!” and “A good stiff cup of Joe” It appears the best brewed coffee is done by Chemex. Perhaps it is the filters, or perhaps the genius of the doctor which created the coffee brewer, but people loved it, no matter the reasons.

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