The Most Popular Types of Coffee Beans at Market

If you are looking for quality coffee, then ground coffee beans are the right way to go. The premium coffee is commonly made with the whole coffee beans which are produce from the most prestigious growers on the globe at the most exotic spots.

Coffee-lovers really do appreciate the aromatic smells of newly ground and brewed beans of coffee, they truly delight in the variety of fine flavours, and some appear to be a sort of high-octane caffeine kick start in the morning.

Hereunder are some of the most popular traits of coffee beans we have compiled from our panel of experts.

Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee

The producer, Kicking Horse Coffee, calls it the ultimate wakeup call and a lot of coffee lovers will agree. This variety is an Indonesian-based, dark-roasted, deep coffee which has earthy taste and hints of cocoa.

The truly powerful coffee’s unpopular name stemmed from a roaster that fired up the blend to 454 degrees, in accordance with the brand’s website.

The company, Kicking Horse Coffee brand is known to produce one hundred percent organic and fair-trade coffee beans. It roasts the Arabica beans around 3,000 above sea level.

Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee : A World’s Strongest Coffee

This particular brand of coffee vows to keep its lovers wide awake. It offers twice as much caffeine as does the other beans.

The company has taken measures to evaluate the beans before and after the process of roasting in order to assure roast consistency and the density of coffee beans.

The beans generate robust, dark-roast, and smooth brew. Most drinkers prefer the coffee beans since they are not acidic nor bitter.

Many coffee lovers have found that they do not require any creamer. Some professionals and even those working at factories have proven its powerful caffeinated booster.

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Two Volcanoes Whole Bean Coffee

This is medium-roasted coffee beans that are originally grown at the base of two biggest volcanoes in Guatemala. The plethora of minerals are assumed to help in enhancing the smell as well as flavour of the coffee bean.

The beans, which appear pea-shaped, are sorted before they are slowly roasted in small batch.

The beans are then packaged with some degassing value so as to assure that only natural gasses go out and nothing else will enter so the flavour and freshness are well maintained.

The beans generate pleasant light, delicate, and floral fragrance when they are ground. Coffee- connoisseurs really do enjoy drinking gourmet coffee for the medium acidic and floral taste.

Kauai Coffee Peaberry Whole Bean

This particular coffee is commonly grown, harvested, and roasted in America. It has been grown on a 3,100-acree farm in Hawaiian land which is rich in volcanic soil.

The other environmental aspects at play are the Pacific sun and mountain rain. The coffee beans are selected by hand, and when they are ground and brewed, they generate powerful aroma and delicate floral taste. Drinkers mostly fancy rich flavour which is bold yet not too overpowering and bitter.

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