The Most Common Types of Coffee in the World

For many years in various parts of the globe, coffee was coffee. It was mainly dripped and perked and occasionalle stirred into hot water, and was indeed enjoyed by many people. Over th past few decades, however, many people, especially those in the United States, have improved their taste buds.

Coffee drinkers have atained a new appreciation of coffee subtleitities. Across the globe, a new culture of coffee enthusiasts has emerged to forage for new flavours of coffee and talk over the nuances of the once ordinary drink.

We have sought various resources on the most common types of coffee in the world, and we come up with the following top-5 list of coffee.

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Jamaican Blue Mountain

Known for many years as the most costly coffee, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is only grown in the Blue Moutain region in Jamaica. This type of coffee is commonly recognized for its lack of bitterness and smooth flavour.

Among other things, this particular coffee bean is used as the base for the popular Tia Maria cofee liqueur.

The flavour is strong, rich, and smooth, with no fruity and nutty undertones, and may possess a hint of chocolate taste.

May coffee connoisseurs have reported a creamy aftertastte, and floral undertones in Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Hawaiian Kona

The weather in Kona region in the islands of Hawaii is truly ideal for growing coffee beans.

The combination of brigt, suny mornings, mild nights, and humid afternoons really create a bean which is rich, slightly acidic and medium-bodied, with delicate flavour and heady aroma.

The flavour is truly complex with spice and winder undertones which contribute to the unique flavour characteristics which no other types of coffee beans can match.

Colombian Coffee

Over the last four decades, Colombian coffee has been synonymous with high-quality coffee because of the huge advertising as well as standardization boost by the Natoinal Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers.

The coffee bean is particularly characterized by smooth, rich taste profile with some nutty undertones, yet that is the mere general flavour profile.

In fact, Colombian kinds of coffee denotes a blend of coffee beans from various regions which are combined and blended to assure fine and high level of quality.

Just like Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona, Colombian coffee beans are typically Arabica beans, with smoother and less acidic flavour profile than the Robusta coffee beans. They are also unique due to the strong preferences for growing settings.

As for the gourmet coffees go, the Colombian coffee is quite affordable, yet the Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers commonly names Specialty Colombian coffees which are identified by the region, grade, and altitude. Colombian coffee is presumably the most recognized and common type of gourmet coffee.

Ethiopian Yrgacheffe

Apparently, Ethiopia was the original home to coffee bean, so it is obvious that some of the most prized coffee beans are still grown in the Southern part of American countries.

There are basically three types of Ethiopian coffee beans, which are defined by region. It tastes so smooth and rick, which will be a nice cup for a true savor.

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