The Best Types of Reusable Coffee Cups

The desire to enjoy coffee but also walk around has resulted in more than 2.5bn cups being thrown away every single year in the United Kingdom. You may have thought that they were actually recyclable, for they are made out of paper, in reality the recyclable bit is actually trapped under film of plastic which stops the paper from getting soggy. Over one year, this adds up to around 25,000 tons of waste.

From that, we deem only a couple of solutions, which include grabbing our culture by lapels and convince everybody that it is OK to sit down for six piddling some minutes to have a cup of coffee, or perhaps convince many to go down the recyclable and reusable route.

Here, we have looked at five reusable coffee cups, and then graded them out of five in terms of the taste of the coffee, attractiveness, comfort, and clever points.

Top Three Reusable Coffee Cups

Most reviewers praised JOCO’s rubber grip and its durable yet light feature. We hit it off with the cup straight away. It is glass, meaning that there is no danger of taste of coffee getting affected, yet there is danger of smashing.

We do like the rubber grip. In case you are clumsy, a giant band of rubber can reduce the likelihood of breaking it when it meets the ground. In addition it stops the coffee burning our hands yet feels warm and pleasant on our face. Our favourite feature is its lid. We entirely disagree with the reviewer above.

It clips well onto the cup, and right on the first try. The plastic lid, on paper coffee cups, seems to have 1 in 6 chance of clipping on without meticulous maneuvering.

Second on our list is KeepCup. This, as most customers said, cleans so easily and we throw it into our bag knowing that the cup will not break, yet someone griped that the cup is really a plastic beaker and so the whole coffee may taste of plastic.

Our verdict is that we cannot say we assumed the drinks taste of plastic, yet it takes quite a moment to ignore the smell of plastic so the taste of the coffee in it is a bit affected.

This has another fantastic lid with moveable clip than clams over the sip hole. Unlike glass, plastic requires a more vigorous scrub not to be left with stale coffee smell. Due to being forced to scrub and the slight smell of plastic.

The last cup in our list is BYO cup. This is designed to appear like brown ripple-grip cup. It is indeed one made of silicone that is entirely recyclable. BYO claims that charity wristband will be the next use.

Reviews are rather thin on the ground, although this chap had god old gripe about the squishiness of silicone cup, taking into account health and safety issue from those that grab it or push the lid down with way too much vigour.

Overall, the design is clever, and its silicone is shiny not to be mistaken for real takeaway cup and then chucked away.

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