Popular Types of Coffee Drinks

Popular Types of Coffee Drinks – For real coffee lovers, having tried one or two cups of different coffees will never suffice. If you are coffee lovers and you are looking for the popular types of coffee drinks, this article will shed lights on that particular area of coffee world.

The Top-Five of Types of Coffee Drinks

First off, let us start with Affogato. This is a special term which virtually means drowned. It is related to the description of a short of separated served espresso which is later poured over the top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream or perhaps gelato.

This coffee drink is commonly served in short drink glass and is Italian desert popular favourite. Some of the popular Affogatos are Vanilla Affogato, PeppermintAffogato, and Mocha Affogato. The next types of coffee drink in our list is Americano, which is also known as Long Black or Lungo and made by simply diluting 1 to 2 shots of espresso with hot water so as to approximate the flavour, texture, and body of American-style drip coffee.

Believed to have been originally created as the sort of insult to Americans that wanted their Italian espresso diluted. Third, being Babycino, which is actually a cappuccino styled drink which is served in an up-market bar or café usually for kids.

This consists of warm milk served in small cup and then topped with milk froth and chocolate powder. There is no espresso coffee essence added. Fourth, there is Breve.

This is a term in Italian which means short and is commonly used to elaborate an espresso coffee which is made with half-and-half light cream or skim milk rather than full fat milk.

It is actually hard to put which one deserves the fifth place, but we would like to have two types of coffee drinks at this rank: Caffe latte and Caffe Mocha.

The former is a premium milk coffee which is freshly steamed with milk without foam and then served in tall glass with one shot of espresso coffee, while the latter denotes the combination of chocolate syrup and shot of espresso, which is topped with steamed milk and one layer of micro-foam. This is commonly finished with sprinkles of chocolate.

Some other Popular Types of Coffee Drinks

There are actually some other kinds of coffee drinks that appear popular to many, in the globe. Let us show you what we have got for you. The other popular choice is Cappuccino Chiaro, which is also known as Light or Wet Cappuccino. What makes it differently unique is that it is served with more milk than usual.

Next, we have got Cappiccino, also known as “Cap”. This is truly a traditional morning heart starter. It gives lovely sensation of steamed foamed velvety milk which is poured over a shot of coffee oil essence which is made from 12 gram of freshly ground beans which produce 38 ml of essence. This is finished by topping with foam and sprinkle of chocolate powder and then served in pre heated ceramic cup.

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