Different Coffee Varieties You Should Try

KindsCoffee – Espresso, latte, and cappuccino-there are so many kinds of coffees that it has become a sort of language in itself! That is why this guide will point out the differences between twelve espresso-based different coffee varieties and how they are made. So you will not get confused at your local cafĂ©.

different coffee varieties

espresso-based different coffee varieties

What are the Espresso-based Coffee Varieties?

Espresso based drinks are coffees which are made with cappuccino machine which share three common main ingredient: foam, steamed milk, and espresso. The main differences among them are the proportions of espresso, foam, and steamed milk in the beverage. Hereunder are three popular machines which are used to make them. Some coffees have more toppings added so as to complete the beverage, such as chocolate in a cappuccino.

However, in essence, every espresso-based coffee shares the same ingredients. Before we learn each type of espresso drink variety, below you will get a quick guide which explains the differences between the most common coffee varieties.

Espresso-based Different Coffee Varieties

First, there is espresso, also known as Short Black. This is the foundation and the most important part to every espresso based coffee. So much so that we have written guide on how to make excellent espresso shot.

However, for the purposes of this post, an espresso mainly consist of one shot of espresso in an espresso cup. There is also Double espresso, which is also known as Doppio. A double espresso is just that, 2 espresso shots added in a cup. Thus a double espresso consists of two shots of espresso in an espresso cup

Fancy Short Macchiato? This is similar to an espresso but with dollop of steamed milk and foam added to mellow the harsh taste of espresso. So you find that baristas in various countries makes short macchiatos in different ways.

However, the traditional way of making short macchiato is as follows. First you need one shot of espresso in a short glass, or you can use espresso cup. Then add one dollop of steamed milk and foam which is placed on top of the espresso.

There is also long macchiato. Long macchiato is just the same as a short macchiato yet with a double shot of espresso. The same rule of thirds is applied in the traditionally made espresso-based long macchiato.

To make this macchiato, you will need two shots of espresso in tumbler glass and a dollop of steamed milk and foam which is placed on top of espresso. Next, we have Ristretto. This is an espresso shot, whichis extracted with the same amount of coffee yet half the amount of water. The end outcome is a more concentrated as well as darker espresso extraction.

It is made by extracting a standard espresso shot with half the amount of water and then turning off normal espresso extraction before the espresso begins to blonde. For those who like something hot in winter, long black (Americano) will be perfect choice.

This is made by pouring hot water with an espresso shot which is extracted on top of the water. It is made by filling a cup with 2/3 of hot water and extracting one shot of espresso over the water.

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