Common Types of Coffee Men Should Know

For more than a thousand years, humans have been attempting to perfect the realm of making and drinking coffee. Right from the first goat herder that is said to have commenced dancing with his pets after eating mysterious red berry, to the recent modern-day commuter savoring a nice wake-up of java, the amazing coffee beans has been both an addictive need as well as a welcome treat.

Fortunately for those who live in North America, the world’s best beans have now been readily available there and coffee preparation has been a sort of art form.

No more satisfied with the swill which once passed for coffee, those who are java junkies are trying to experiment with myriads sorts of variations of their favourite beverage. If you are curious about what the common types of coffee are, read on and find out what most men should know about this very question.

The Most Popular Types of Coffee Beans

First off, let us start with Espresso, which is a strong black coffee which is made by simply forcing steam through aromatic coffee beans at high pressure in espresso machine.

An excellently brewed espresso commonly will have a golden-brown, thick foam or crema on its surface. If the cremais fine, then the sugar that you add will float on the surface for several seconds and then it will sinks slowly to the bottom.

Espresso is known as the foundation for a wide assortment of specialty coffee drinks, such as the popular cappuccino, yet many purist and aficinados claim that adding anything is blasphemy. The second type of coffee bean is the cappuccino.

This popular coffee drink has been the staple which even the most popular of corner coffee shops provides. A fine and true cappuccino denotes the combination of equal parts espresso, milk froth, and steamed milk.

This somewhat luxurious drink can double as a dessert with the complex flavour it offers. The other type of coffee bean is the Americano, which is known as the single shot of espresso type. The name is assumed to have originated a slight insult to Americans, who diluted their espresso as it first gained popularity.

If you fancy a single shot of espresso to 3 parts of steamed milk, then Caffe Latte is for you. The next kinds of coffee bean, Caf au Lait, is known as traditional French drink. This is similar to a caffe latte except that this is made with brewed coffee rather than espresso. Caf Mocha or Mochachino is another popular type of coffee.

This is caffe latte which has chocolate syrup or some added powder. There can be wide varieties in how it is prepared and served, so you need ask your coffee house how they brew it before you make your order.

The last type of coffee is Caramel Macchiato, which is another variety prepared in several ways by various coffee houses. The most general method is to combine espresso, foamed milk, and caramel even though some use steamed milk.

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