Coffee Lover Starter Guide : Popular Types of Coffee

Once upon a time, a man who wants to enjoy a cup of coffee walks into a café. The barista asks him what types of coffee he would like to drink. Since the man does not know any types of coffee, he does not know what to order. If this situation happens to you, it would be better if you know several popular types of coffee. Each coffee has different recipe. The recipe used on particular type of coffee will determine its taste. Since everybody have his or her own preference about taste, it is advisable to choose one that suitable with your preference. By simply understanding the characteristic of coffee, you will know whether it suits your taste or not.

What Types of Coffee You Want To Order?

There are a great numbers of coffee types according to the recipe used. In general, there are five types of ingredients used to make coffee. Aside from espresso, coffee is also made out of milk, milk foam, water, and chocolate.

Some of them have more proportion than the rest. Meanwhile, the other types only use one or two ingredients. Few of those coffee types are popular and offered at most cafés.

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Here are five of the most popular types of coffee you can order from the barista.


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Originally comes from Italy, espresso means express. The process of making espresso is indeed does not take long. Espresso shot is basic ingredient used on all of the popular types of coffee. In order to make it, simply boil water and wait until it almost reach the boiling temperature. Add coffee beans that are finely ground into it and continue the brewing process.

Keep in mind that you need correct proportion of water and ground coffee beans for it. The outcome of this brewing process is thick espresso. It means that the concentration of caffeine is high as well.

Depending on your taste preference, you can add sugar with it or not. If you like to have high concentration of espresso, you can order short espresso. It means that the barista will make less water during the brewing process. If you like having the espresso with more water, you can order long espresso.

This ordering method applies on some of the popular types of coffee as well. There is a unique type of coffee called as macchiato. It is derived from ordinary espresso with thick milk foam or steamed milk above it.


Cappuccino is the other popular types of coffee. The popularity of this type of coffee is comparable to espresso. As it goes with espresso, cappuccino is originally coming from Italy. In order to make it, you will need espresso, milk, and foamed milk. The ingredients for it are slightly similar to espresso macchiato.

The only thing that makes them difference is the proportion of foamed milk. It takes less foamed milk to make a cappuccino. This small alteration on the proportion is able to make a great difference on the taste. Cappuccino is famous due to its richness and complexity of the flavor. Several popular types of coffee can be added with additional ingredients to make the taste more suitable with your personal preference.

Cappuccino can be added with cocoa powder to give it rich taste. Keep in mind to use unsweetened variety of cocoa powder for this purpose. Alternatively, grated dark chocolate is also a great additional ingredient. Ordering scuro cappuccino allows you to get darker coffee with less milk.

If you like to have it with more milk, you can order chiaro cappuccino, thus make the coffee lighter. In order to enjoy it on hot season, you can order for iced variety.


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The next list of popular types of coffee continues with Americano. As you might already expect it, this particular type of coffee comes from America. Some people also refer it as American coffee.  American people like to dilute espresso with hot water.

When you try to make it, you need to be careful on where to put the espresso. If you pour it after the hot water, you will end up creating long black instead of Americano coffee. Even though the espresso shot is diluted with hot water, the concentration of caffeine on Americano coffee is the same level as cappuccino.

As it goes with the rest of popular types of coffee on this list, you can add sugar or milk to your Americano coffee to improve it taste.

However, this additional ingredient is not advisable since it might potentially ruin the taste. Keep the amount of additional ingredient at minimum for better taste.

Alternative way to enjoy it is by ordering iced Americano. Cold Americano coffee is good for hot day. The best part about it is you can enjoy it without having to alter the original taste too much.


The next popular types of coffee lead us to mochaccino. Some people also refer it to caf mocha. Mocha itself is combination of espresso and chocolate. In order to make one, you can use either chocolate powder or chocolate syrup for it. The proportion of espresso shot and chocolate syrup used in mochacchino is at the same amount.

The method of brewing mochacchino is different from one café to the other. Some often replace the espresso shot with cappuccino to enrich the taste. Topping such as foam milk is also used as well along with sprinkle of chocolate powder above it.

Most popular types of coffee have unique way of ordering coffee with the additional ingredients. If you want the mochacchino comes with milk foam topping along with its chocolate sprinkle, you can order the cap version to the barista.

Alternatively, you can order it directly to the bartender if you want to have the mochacchino with whipped cream garnish. The additional ingredient used in the mochacchino will alter the taste away from it was originally.

However, most coffee houses have already perfecting it to create the best taste of mochacchino. It is highly suggested to asked them before ordering one.

Caffe Latte

Even though we put caffe latte on the last, it does not mean that this type is less common than the other popular types of coffee on this list. In Italian, latte means milk. Therefore, caffee latte is simply a perfect combination between espresso shot and milk. In order to achieve the optimal taste, you need to make sure that those ingredients are on the right proportion.

Caffee latte takes one part of espresso and two parts of steamed milk. Since the proportion of espresso is less than the milk, the taste is sweeter. Moreover, it has low concentration of caffeine in it. Adding other ingredient is common thing on most popular types of coffee, including caffee latte. In this case, sugar is the most common additional ingredient.

Back then in Italy, women mostly consume this type of coffee due to its sweet taste. However, in modern days, anyone who likes sweeter coffee can order it.

They like to use it as evening beverage or excellent dipping. Italian bread, cookies, and sponge cake will blend well with the taste of coffee latte. If you order it in your favorite café, you might as well order the cake along with it.

How Would You Like to Enjoy The Coffee?

After understanding some of the popular types of coffee, you also need to know how to enjoy it correctly. Most of those coffee types come with additional ingredients or topping.

A talented barista is able to make a masterpiece on the topping of your coffee. Leaf design is as common as heart design that you can order to decorate your coffee topping. Of course, it would be nice if you give extra tip for this service. Keep in mind that you should not order the barista to decorate your coffee topping if the barista is busy with other customer orders.

There is unique way of enjoying coffee varieties. Some people order more than one beverage when they go to café. For those of you who are not consuming any popular types of coffee regularly in daily basis, it is advisable to consume particular beverage before you drink the coffee.

This beverage will make your taste buds get used to the taste. It allows you to enjoy your favorite coffee with exceptional taste. The most common starter beverage is espresso shot. Few amount of milk is also recommended option to take. For those of you who do not want to order extra starter beverage, consuming the coffee on its own will be enjoyable as well.

Coffee is unique invention of refreshing beverage. It is interesting that brewing of fine ground beans can give such rich taste. Main ingredients such as milk, cream, and water added to it are able to create pleasant coffee.

Some people consuming some popular types of coffee in their daily basis. Besides having it right after they wake up, coffee is also good companion for evening occasion. Due to the exotic taste of coffee, some people become addicted to coffee.

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