Coffee Blend Types with Espresso

KindsCoffee – As explained in the previous post, we included some types of coffee espresso-based coffee drinks. Here, we would like to share with you some other espresso-based coffee blend types that you definitely have to try.

coffee blend types

espresso-based coffee blend types

Espresso-based Coffee Blend Types

Café Lattte-Well, nobody can resist the sensation of enjoying Café Latte. This is also known as “Latte” for short. This is an espresso-based beverage with steamed milk and micro-foam which is added to the coffee.

This coffee is way much sweeter compared to an espresso because of the addition of steamed milk. It is made by extracting one shot of espresso into a tumbler glass and adding steamed milk as well as one cm of micro-foam added onto the top of steamed milk.

It is common in the United States to use a cup, rather than a tumbler glass for latte. Next on our list is cappuccino. This is just similar to a latte.

However, the main differences between latte and cappuccino is that cappuccino has more chocolate and foam added onto the top of the drink. Also, a cappuccino is made in a cup instead of a tumbler glass. You need to extract one shot of espresso into a cup and then add steamed milk and 2 to 3 cm of micro-foam on top of the steamed milk.

Lastly, you simply sprinkle chocolate on top of the coffee. In case you want to have something flat, the espresso Flat White is what suits you best. Flat white is a coffee which you will find mainly in New Zealand and Australia.

It is made in the same way as a cappuccino, except it does not have any foam or chocolate on top of it. It is made by adding one shot of espresso into one cup. The add steamed milk into the cup without micro-foam. We also have the so-called Piccolo Latte which is a café latte made in espresso cup.

This means that it possesses a very strong yet mellowed down espresso flavour due to the steamed milk and micro foam in it. There are two ways of making this beverage, with either one ristretto or one espresso shot. First, add one shot of espresso or one ristretto shot of espresso in espresso cup. Also, add steamed milk and small amount of micro-foam.

You will also like Mocha. This is a mixture between a hot chocolate and a cappuccino. It is made by mixing chocolate powder with espresso shot and then adding micro foam and steamed milk into the beverage.

The steps to make Mocha is as follows. Extract one shot of espresso into one cup. Add also one spoon of chocolate powder into the espresso shot and mix. Make sure that you also add steamed milk and 2 to 3 cm of micro-foam. Lastly, you should sprinkle chocolate powder on top. The last, but not the least, type of espresso-based coffee drink is Affogato.

This is a simple dessert coffee which is treat after summer and during summer. It is made by adding one big scoop of vanilla ice cream in a single or double shots of espresso.

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