Charts of Italian Coffee Types

Ordering coffee in Italy is not just as simple as queuing up at local coffee store. There are some reasons to that. First, Italians are quite unfamiliar with the concept of the queue and second, it is always cheaper to order your coffee at the café and then drink it while standing up. There appear to be a menu of coffee drinks which are available anywhere to be found and even though Starbucks sound quite Italian, you will not be able to recognize the myriads of names of Italian coffees.

italian coffee types

So, I decided to drink a lot of coffee so as to put together this little guide related to how to order coffee in Italy.

The Classification of Italian Coffee Types

First, on our list is Caffekahfieh. While the majority of café virtually translates to coffee, a caffe is also famous for its shot of espresso. It is served in a small cup and drank all through the day.

When you make your order, you should order a caffee and not un espresso. You can actually also order caffeecorretto, which denotes a shot of espresso which is corrected with one shot of liquor.

italian coffee types

The most recognized additions are the shot of grappa, cognac or sambucca. However you are welcome to ask for the liquor of your preference. One short of Irish cream well added will make the whole cup a really delicious companion through your day.

Cappuccino kahpThe second most popular is Cappuccino kahp. Perhaps, cappuccino is Italy’s most famous coffee.

Well, after all, while there is no such thing as grande anything when dealing with types of Italian coffee, cappuccino is cappuccino the whole world over.

It is actually 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 espresso, and 1/3 foam.

Most Italians eat and drink everything at various times and in particular order because of how Italian coffee affects the digestion.

With all that milk and foam, Italians deem a cappuccino as a meal itself and they will not drink a cup of coffee after 11:00 am. In spite of the judging glares or being refused a cappuccino which you may have heard about, these are actually nothing more than gossips and you can continuously enjoy cappuccino in Italy anytime you want to. It is one of the most favourite types of Italian coffee and I have ordered it after my dinner and lunch many times.

Also, you may like Marrochhino. Grazie mile to all the geniuses in Alessandira which married cocoa and espresso together so as to invent the marrocchino! It is one shot of espresso a sprinkle of cacao powder and a layer of foam mixed in a glass mug which has been dusted with cocoa powder.

It is a bit more milky than is macchiato. In the northern part of Italy thick hot chocolate is mixed with the espresso and the layer of the foam is usually poured on top.

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So, types of Italian coffee you like the most? There are some other coffee you may like. Keep looking forward to our next article on that topic.


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