Learn More about Calories in Coffee

KindsCoffee – If you want to learn more about calories in coffee, then reading our article here would help you a lot. Well, you must know that coffee is actually a very low calorie beverage. The problem is that if you add other things such as milk and sugar, then your coffee may contain many calories. Let’s learn about these facts by reading the rest of our article.

Calories in Coffee

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Calories in Coffee – Interesting Facts You Must Know

Knowing calories in coffee is not a difficult task. As we have said earlier that coffee does not contain lots of calories. For example, 1 oz of espresso coffee may contain 1 calorie. But you can also find other choices that have more calories than espresso coffee. If you are looking for coffee that doesn’t have calories, then your best choice is the black coffee.

What Makes Black Coffee Special?

You already know that there are no calories in the black coffee. You may wonder how coffee can give you energy if there are no calories. Well, the answer can be found in its beans. Studies have shown that an 8-ounce cup of black coffee has 2 calories. Of course, some people may get different results. However, we can say that a cup of coffee has calories where the result may range from 2 to 12 calories.

The good news is that calories that are found in other coffee beverages are low. The following are some good examples that you must know:

  • Black iced coffee has 4 to 5 calories
    • Americano has 5 calories
    • Shot of espresso has 3 to 4 calories

Choosing them would be a great choice if you love drinking coffee, but you don’t want to gain weight.

Learn the Reason Why There are No Calories in Coffee

You may wonder why there are no calories found in your coffee. Research has found that drinking coffee won’t make you fat. Do you know the main ingredient used to make coffee? Water is the main ingredient used to make coffee, thus it is not very surprising that it doesn’t have calories.

Should You Drink Coffee?

Once you have learned some facts about coffee, then you can decide yourself whether drinking coffee is a good choice or not. However, you have known that drinking coffee won’t make you fat because it has no calories. Remember that coffee may contain many calories if you add other ingredients.

We have mentioned earlier that sugar and milk are other ingredients which add more calories. If you add sugar and milk, then it is quite reasonable if your coffee is high in calories.

How to Find the Best Coffee

If you want to reduce the number of calories in your diet then choosing the right coffee is important. There are some choices available out there, but Americano is definitely the best choice so far. Make sure that you minimize the number of extras that you want to put into your coffee. By following our advice, you can reduce the number of calories in coffee.

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